Swivel Seat – “Easy Seat”, Mark 2

Installed under the front passenger seat of a car, this compact mechanism enables the seat to swivel 900right out through the doorway.

From its inception several years ago the award-winning* Easy Seat, patented and marketed worldwide, was well received, enabling elderly and less able people (and their helpers) much easier access into and out of cars.

Easy Seat Mark 2, while retaining its unique sturdy “round the door-pillar” swivel mechanism, has been thoroughly revamped – more compact, lighter, cheaper. Most importantly, the new Easy Seat is much easier to install.

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Tow Coupling

Whether for a bicycle or a bulldozer, tow couplings are problematic.

Probably the most common tow coupling is the familiar ball joint fitted to cars towing trailers. It is effective but capable of improvement. The main shortcoming is that its strength is limited to the small latching components, the integrity of the housing accommodating these parts, and the cantilever strength of the ball on its stalk.

Hence this type of coupling is unsuitable for high loads. For heavy vehicles cumbersome designs with large pins and bushes are used. Three axes are needed to provide full articulation, but since it is not physically possible for the three axes to have a common intersection point, they must be offset. This eccentricity aggravates internal forces and hence wear. Hence maintenance costs are high.

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