Aircraft Boarding – The Flying Carpet

Flying carpet

The fastest way to fill a plane

The Flying Carpet system is far quicker than conventional boarding systems, especially Back-to-Front boarding, as can be seen in this video based on excerpts from repeated computer simulations. Obviously the video has been sped up to save time, but the figures used for distances, walking speeds, time to stow luggage, boarding group size, etc., were realistic and identical for each system.

Back-to-Front boarding is used by many airlines, mainly because it seems logical to fill the back of the plane first. But, as can be seen from the video, the passengers all clump together, and get in each other’s way, slowing down the whole process.

With the Flying Carpet system, passengers simply arrange themselves in row order, before proceeding to the plane, enabling each of them to go direct to their seats unimpeded. And as you can see in the video, they are scattered throughout the plane with plenty of elbow room to stow their bags and become seated. No wonder that the Flying Carpet almost halves boarding time, from nearly 16 minutes to just under 9 minutes.

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