Bike Seat

More and more people are commuting by bike nowadays, who need a comfortable seat while wearing ordinary clothes. The classic ever-narrowing saddle isn’t suitable, and despite strategic apertures, is uncomfortable and causes medical problems, for both male and female cyclists.

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Bike Transport Bag

What’s needed is a bag that provides protection, doesn’t weigh much and can fold up into a small size, enabling it to be carried on the bike (or posted ahead to the end destination). The RoundPeg bag does exactly that.

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Fish Hook Tyer – Fly-By-Night

Fading light, cold weather, wet hands, eyesight not as good as it used to be, tiny little flies, fine lines, spare a thought for the poor fly fisherman. This small device holds the fly firmly while the knot is tied.

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Racehorse Whip

Whipping racehorses has been the subject of much controversy recently, rules have been introduced to limit the use of the whip. But it is very difficult to ensure the rules are followed by all jockeys for the duration of each race, and it usually requires tedious post-race scrutiny of video recordings.

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