Piping Hot Shot

Priping Hot Shot

Here we are, in a typical bathroom, waiting, as usual, for the hot water to come through. Not only is time wasted, but precious litres go down the drain. In this case it’s well over 2 litres. More like 4 litres for the shower, but at least this conscientious householder is saving the water.

Likewise for the laundry basin, but worst of all in this house is the kitchen sink, because it is a long way from the hot water unit. Longer pipe, more water, more wastage. Wastage of water and time is bad enough but don’t forget that energy is wasted too, because after the tap is shut off the hot water left in the pipe loses all its heat within a few minutes.

Every day, everywhere, in every household, everybody waits for the hot water, many times a day. The total wastage is tremendous.

But there is a solution. It’s a small appliance under the basin which is connected between the tap and the hot water pipe. It simply heats the pipefull of water as it passes through. Hot water emerges from the tap almost immediately, a couple of seconds only. Water wastage is almost eliminated, less than a glassful.

Unlike mini hot water services this appliance does not store water, instead it utilizes a novel thermal principle. Being low wattage it doesn’t need special wiring; it just plugs into an ordinary power outlet. No moving parts either – no pumps, no noise.

Piping Hot Shot saves time, water, and energy.

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