Beer Bottle Opener and Pourer

The ultimate device for beer-swilling couch potatoes, this machine dispenses beers as fast as anyone can drink. Just put your glass in the holder, press the Go Button and watch the machine simultaneously tilt the glass, lift the bottle, gently pour a beer leaving room for the head, and gradually ease back to vertical….
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Easy Reach Dog Collar

Dogs carry so much bling on their collars these days – ID, Registration tag, etc., lots of weight hanging heavily below its neck. Then you have to grope and fumble amongst the bling to attach the lead. But here’s a simple solution – A small triangular ring on the opposite side of the collar. On top, standing proud, it so much easier to reach clip on the lead. You don’t even need to get off your bike….
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Geometrical Compact Chess Set

Chess sets come in all styles and sizes, this one should appeal to people who like geometry….
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Instant Sailing Dinghyyacht

Sailing a dinghy can be a lot of fun, but rigging it before launching is tedious and time-consuming. Worse still, when you’ve finished sailing, wet through and cold, is the de-rigging, especially if you’re running late…
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This sternwheeler made its maiden voyage on the Murray River back in 1977. Second hand timber flooring straddling a pair of catamaran hulls made up of five 44 gallon drums provided a large enough deck to carry victuals for a week’s cruising for the crew of four…
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Sports Car

The first major project undertaken by Rob Wallace was design and construction of this rear-engine sports car back in the early 1960s. Instead of the usual tubular steel space frame, it was a fully monocoque fibreglass body shell, with seats, fuel tank, and other internal features contributing to strength…
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Designed and machined by Rob Wallace this supercharger was fitted to the Borgward engined sports coupe, boosting its power significantly, until it finally blew up…
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