"Thinking outside the square pays off, but don't neglect the inside. A round peg in a square hole is often a good solution."

- Rob Wallace

The Flying Carpet

The Flying Carpet is a novel deceptively simple system which is inherently far quicker than conventional airplane boarding systems. Imagine the savings with 10 minutes faster boarding per domestic flight!

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Yaktek Industries

Made in Australia, YAKTEK water tank level gauges are built to last with quality materials, backed with a 5 year warranty. Yaktek is Australia's leading water tank level indicator manufacturer.

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Novel, practical solutions for real world problems, now available for commercialization.

The RoundPeg Philosophy

A square peg in a round hole may be a misfit, but the reverse isn’t necessarily so; a round peg in a square hole fits quite nicely, and can be quite useful. And think beyond the square – a round peg will fit quite neatly in triangular, pentagonal, and hexagonal holes as well.

Innovations lead to creation of wealth. Adding value to an idea, a product or service translates to robust business and satisfied customers. At RoundPeg Innovations, we believe in the power of thinking out of the box as we empower business and industries towards excellence! All these, as we offer novel and practical solutions for real world problems.

One of our innovations may be just what you need to expand your business, add to your product range, or increase your market share. It could spell more opportunities in your business, provide efficiency in your industry, and a chance for you to gain competitive edge.

Who knows, one of our innovations may be the “Next Big Thing”.

Make the most of this opportunity to gain exclusive rights – contact us right away to express interest.